Why a Small Business Should Have a Website

Why a Small Business Should Have a Website

Learn why a small business should have a website in this article written by web design experts at RogueVisions.

How to optimize images so your website loads faster

Image optimization is a necessary component of any website. In order to have a successful website in today’s world, it must be fast and look good.
how to clear your cache

How To Clear Your Cache

Learn why and how to clear your browsers cache. View our online video tutorials for clearing your cache in Chrome, FireFox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
Wordpress Calls

Wordpress Calls that are Useful for Beginners

The following WordPress calls are to be used when working within the template files inside your theme folder. Any of the php files inside of your theme folder can use these calls to load dynamic assets on your WordPress website.
What are 3 types of CSS

3 Types of CSS used by Web Designers

Learn 3 types of CSS used by web designers and developers to style your website. Understanding the differences between these types can lead to great design.
ie6 countdown

(Why) Prompt users to upgrade their browsers

Having trouble with users using old browsers to view your website? This tutorial will show you how to prompt users to upgrade their browser.
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How to Edit Webpages for Internet Explorer

In the following post we explain how to write specific conditions so that you can pinpoint specific versions of the Internet Explorer browsers. This is particularly helpful since older versions of Internet Explorer doesn't support some of the newer and cooler styling features of CSS3. This can be achieved by using conditional comments.